Our menu has 80 varieties between Sweet and Savoury.
• Two types of wine, dry white and soft red. If you prefer dry red wine we also have it, just request.
• Natural grape juice.
• Hot drinks such as milk, coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso and various types of teas, the most traditional being apple tea.
• Iced drinks such as teas and iced chocolate.
• Hot snacks; pork tenderloin, bird chicken, chicken breast, boiled sausage, fried polenta, ham and cheese pie, chicken croquettes, cheese balls. Cold snacks, cold ham and cheese pie, tuna pizza, ham and cheese pizza and pickles.
• A huge range of cold cuts, breads and jams. Colonial candies; orange cake, chocolate cake, lemon cake, beer cake, curd cake, carrot cake, corn cake, peanut cake, rolls, waffles, apfelstrudel (apple pie). All of this is

served at the table.

• Cake buffet:
Strawberry pie, pecan pie, burnt coconut pie, candy pie, Marta Rocha pie, brigadeiro pie, wafer pie, lemon pie, jelly, sago and vanilla cream,
Condensed Milk Pudding, Passion Fruit Mousse and Chocolate Fondue with Seasonal Fruit.

Colonial Coffee is served and consumed only at the establishment.

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